Why is My Headphone Battery Draining So Fast? (Solved)

Do you hate that your headphones’ battery drains so fast? Well, who wouldn’t? It isn’t delightful and will take from your overall listening experience. To solve this problem, you must first understand why this is happening. 

Your headphones will quickly run out of battery if you leave them on when not in use, listen to music on a high volume, pair them with multiple devices at a time, or activate active noise cancelation. You can also experience this problem if you do not charge your headphones properly.

This guide will provide more information to give you a better understanding of the causes of this problem, and you will learn how to fix it. 

Top Reasons Your Headphone Battery Runs Out Quickly

Here are the top reasons your headphone battery runs out too soon. 

Your Audio Volume is too High

Listening to your favorite songs on a high volume level may please you, but it is dangerous and not healthy for your ears or your headphones’ battery.

Use your headphones at a moderate volume level, and they will play for a longer time. We recommend the average volume level between 60% and 70%, and increasing it to about 85% to 100% is not advisable. 

Also, it is not okay to keep your headphone volume level too low. While it may make your headphone last longer, you may miss out on the quality of the playing audio, and you will strain your ears to hear the sound. Here’s how to make your headphones louder.

If your headphone is playing at a moderate volume level yet runs out of battery fast, there’s more to it. Find out why as you read on.

Active Noise Cancelation is Activated

Active Noise Cancelation (ANC) is a feature in headphones that helps to reduce background noise using a noise-canceling system. 

Most latest headphones come with this feature, and it is the highest power-consuming feature in a headphone. Your headphones will consume more power than usual, and your battery will drain fast when you activate ANC.

Turn off the Active Noise Cancelation to make your headphone battery last longer. The battery will last longer when you do, but you will miss out on the noise-canceling benefit. 

The steps to deactivate ANC are not the same with all headphones. Some headphones like Jabra Evolve 75 have an ANC switch that lets you activate or deactivate ANC. In contrast, others like Apple’s Airpods or AirPods Pro require several steps to activate and deactivate this feature. 

Check your manufacturer’s guide to learn how to do this.

Your Headphone is Always On

Nothing breaks a headphone faster than keeping it on all the time. Like every other gadget, the lifespan of your headphone gets closer to the end the more you use them. 

As your headphones wear out gradually, one of the signs you will notice is a decline in battery life. Therefore, if your headphone battery drains fast, ensure you do not always keep it on. It is best to switch it off when not in use. 

But, if you need to use the headphones more frequently, get another headphone so you can switch between them and preserve their battery lives. A wired headphone is also a reliable option. 

Inadequate Charging

One other reason your headphone battery drains so fast is inadequate charging. If your headphone is new, they will not come with a full battery charge. Charge the battery first before you start using it.

The same applies to old headphones. Do not expect them to serve you for a longer time if you do not charge them well.

Inadequate charging may cause no harm at first, but if it persists, it can cause battery damage, making your headphone battery drain fast without a fix.


Overcharging your headphone will harm the battery.

When your battery receives too much charge, the acidic substances in the battery become hot and boil. If this repeats, the battery may swell, leak, or melt, which will result in the loss of the battery’s efficiency.

The only remedy is to replace the headphone’s battery, but you can prevent this battery damage by unplugging your headphone whenever it is fully charged.

Pairing with Multiple Devices

Some wireless headphones can pair with multiple devices using Bluetooth Multipoint. Multipoint Bluetooth headphones may run out of battery faster if they pair with more than one device.

For example, when you pair the headphone with two smartphones, both phones will send audio signals to the headphone. It may make the headphones work harder and run out of battery fast since it simultaneously receives audio from multiple devices. 

You will get the best out of your headphones if you pair them with just one or two devices at a time. If you have multiple devices, consider getting another headphone as it will increase the headphone’s playtime and lifespan. 

Headphone Battery is Weak

Usually, when a headphone battery drains fast, it implies that the battery is weak. Generally, your headphone battery will lose its strength as it gets older, and factors like improper charging or overcharging will only make it happen faster. 

You can make your headphone battery last longer with good maintenance and proper charging, but the strength will diminish gradually with time even when you charge and maintain it properly.

The only way to fix this when it happens is to replace the battery with the help of a technician or consider replacing the headphones themselves.

Your Headphone Brand Does not prioritize Long-lasting battery

Different headphone producers have varying priorities. Priorities can be quality headphone materials, superior sound quality, reliable Bluetooth connectivity, or a strong battery.

Your headphone producer may prioritize other features over a lasting battery. In that case, your headphone battery might drain fast, but you will enjoy other features the brand prioritizes. 

However, if you prefer headphones with longer-lasting batteries, only opt for headphone brands that can guarantee this. 

Jude is a music and headphone lover. He has tested and reviewed several audio listening devices and enjoys writing helpful tips and information for readers like you.