Should I Get a Headphone Stand? (Buyer’s Guide)

Headphones are selling fast, every day… but we can’t say the same about headphone stands. Why? It appears headphone owners don’t think they need one, so why bother?

And that’s understandable (to some extent) because if you own a headphone, you probably have them on your ears or around your neck most times. And when you don’t need them anymore or at the end of the day, you toss them somewhere until the following day.

Now that’s the problem – you shouldn’t toss your headphones anywhere. Like any gadget, it is best to give your headphones the best care whether they are in use or not. One way to achieve this is by getting your hands on a headphone stand.

So, should you get a headphone stand? Absolutely! Keep reading to understand why.

Reasons to Get a Headphone Stand

1. It helps keep your desk neat and free of clutter

A headphone stand provides a place for you to keep your headphones instead of having them lying around on your desk.

If you have a cluttered desk or work area, and your headphone is one of those things scattered about, you should get a headphone stand.

A headphone stand will help keep your headphones in an organized and tidy space. It provides a place for you to store your headphones when they are not in use, so they don’t become tangled or add clutter to your work area.

Keeping your desk tidy is a critical aspect of being an organized person. The clutter that accumulates at your desk can affect your productivity.

A messy desk also makes it difficult to find the items you need when you need them, and it’s easy to lose track of what you have and don’t have when everything is in a jumble.

2. An easy and safe way to store your headphones

Your headphones are your prized possession, but they can also be a pain to carry around. You have to keep them somewhere from time to time.

If you have a headphone stand, you don’t have to worry about the safety of your listening device. As long as you place it on the stand when they’re not in use, your headphones are safe.

A headphone stand is a perfect way to store your headphones. They’re also an aesthetically pleasing addition to any desk space and can be customized with various accessories to best suit your needs.

8 Factors To Consider Before You Buy A Headphone Stand

A headphone stand’s primary function is to declutter your desk and provide a comfortable space for your headphone. However, while shopping for a headphone stand for your workplace, there are a few crucial factors to consider.

1. Stabilization

Stabilization is a crucial factor in headphone stands. The idea is to keep your headphones conveniently stowed when not in use and at the same time prevent them from tipping over on your desk with every accidental tap. 

Ensure your headphone stand can rest comfortably wherever it is. A good tip is to look out for headphone stands with cable leads or non-slip feet, and this will ensure your headset stays safe and intact for hours.

2. Additional Functions

Purchasing a headphone that comes with other features can be pretty helpful. 

Although you can go for a minimalist wooden stand that will hold your headphone in place, having a headphone stand with a USB port is even better.

Also, consider stands with cable clips and aux inputs.

3. Rotatable And Adjustable 

It is advisable to choose headphone stands that can swivel and are fully adjustable. This will allow you to rotate and adjust the arm swings however you like.

These arm movements are usually located below a headphone mount and rock back and forth for easy access.

4. Soft Rubber Pads

Avoid buying headphone stands that don’t have soft rubber ear pads. It would be best if you made efforts to look for headphone mounts that have smooth, soft rubber pads installed on them.

These rubber pads help protect your table from scratches, even if the stand is made of metal, wood, or glass.

5. Cable Management

Cable management is one of the essential features of a headphone stand. However, this feature is not needed if you use wireless headphones. 

If you have wired headphones, choose a stand with special cable routing behind it; this arrangement will make the appearance of the whole set organized. Moreso, you won’t have to worry about bent cables that may break.

Additionally, some on-ear headphone stand models also have a unique loop, and the cable is appropriately extended. Not only does this reduce and lessen your desk clutter, but it also makes it easier to pull the cable during use.

6. The Design Material

For durability, you should choose headphones made with quality materials. 

Even though glass headphone stands appear more stylish and classy, you may want to avoid them as they are fragile and can break anytime.

On the other hand, wooden supports are not entirely the best options, as they are susceptible to termites and fall apart quickly, though this depends on the wood quality. 

You may want to consider metal stands, as they are more durable than the rest.  

7. Buy From Trusted Sources

Our final tip is that you purchase from a reliable store, this way, you do not risk purchasing already used products. 

Ideally, your stand should come with some warranty period. 

8. Installation

Headphone stands come in three different designs: freestanding, side clamping, and under-the-desk. Freestanding variants are often fully assembled and may have additional charging capabilities. 

If you need to free up room on your desk, clamps and under-the-desk versions are ideal. Clamps are simple to set up, whereas under-the-desk types may necessitate drilling, though most will require adhesive.

How Much Does A Headphone Stand Cost?

Many different headphones stand are available in the market; depending on your preferred design and material, a headphone costs between $5 to $100 or more. 

Best Headphone Stands To Purchase

Master & Dynamic MP1000B Headphone Stand

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The Master & Dynamic stand is meant to elegantly and functionally exhibit your headphones while keeping the organization and elegance of your desk, studio, or apartment.

The electroplated steel construction ensures long-term performance. A weighted base with rubber foot pads is included for stability and surface protection.

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Avantree Metal & Silicone Headphone Stand

The attractive design includes a silicone top pad and durable solid steel construction that provides a stable foundation for your headphones while freeing up desk space.

This headset holder has a silicone cable clip at the bottom and can hold your phone in various positions without scratching it.

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Lamicall Headphone Stand

71sgn4vlsJL. AC SL1500

This stick headphone hanger has two 360-degree rotating arms that you can use in various positions. You can apply it to the underside of a table, the desktop, the side of a cabinet, and other smooth surfaces.

This headphone holder, made of sturdy double-sided tape, allows you to hang your headphones safely.

Ensure the surface is flat, dry, and oil-free before hanging your headphones for 24 hours to guarantee the hanger is securely attached. 500g maximum headphone load

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Headphone stands are not just for holding your headphones; they can hold other things too.

The headset stand is an essential accessory that every music lover should have in their inventory. You should buy a headset stand that will fit into your space and is not too big or small for the place where you plan on using it.

There are different types of headphone stand, each with unique features and designs. For instance, there are adjustable headphone stands that allow you to adjust the height of the stand to your fit.

Consider getting a headphone stand for your headphones if you don’t already have one.

Jude is a music and headphone lover. He has tested and reviewed several audio listening devices and enjoys writing helpful tips and information for readers like you.