How to Connect Sony Headphones to iPhone | Easy Steps

Are you having a hard time trying to connect your iPhone to a Sony headphone? We know it can be a frustrating experience because we have faced the same problems and resolved them.

To help you out, we have created this step-by-step guide to connecting your Sony headphone to your iPhone and making it work.

Follow the guides and recommendations, and you will have no issues connecting your Sony headphones to your iPhone device.

Let’s get started!

Step by Step Guide to Connect Your Sony Headphones to iPhone

Step 1: Turn on the Headphone

Long-press the power button for about 7 seconds until the light starts alternating blue and red.

The blinking, alternating light is located next to the power button of the headphones. It indicates that the headphone is already in pairing mode and will be available for connection with the iPhone device. 

After turning on the listening device, keep it close to the iPhone.

Step 2: Turn on the Bluetooth on your iPhone

After turning on your headphone, the next step is to put on your iPhone’s Bluetooth. Click on the setting icon, then the Bluetooth icon, and turn it on. 

Immediately you turn it on, ensure that the Bluetooth of your device is in pairing mode. Automatically, the device searches for other devices around to create a connection.

Step 3: Allow for Connection

When the name of the headphone shows on the iPhone, it will automatically pair after you have clicked on them. All you have to do is wait for it to connect with your headphone.

Turning on the Bluetooth on your iPhone allows for a wireless connection. So always check to see if the Bluetooth on your iPhone is ON before attempting to connect with the Sony headphone.

However, in some cases, while trying to pair the iPhone device with the headphone, it might ask for a password. When this happens, input “0000” and allow it to connect to your iPhone. 

Why You Can’t Connect Your Sony Headphones to an iPhone

There are some reasons your Sony Headphone won’t connect with the iPhone. If some things are not in order, it will hamper connectivity. 

Some of the things that could cause connectivity issues are:

Your iPhone is Far Away From the Sony Headphones

Even if everything is in order, you should ensure your Sony headphone and iPhone are in close range. When they’re placed far apart, it leads to hitches while connecting and may cause it not to work correctly.

The Headphone Is Automatically Connected to Another Device

Sometimes, you might forget to disconnect after using headphones with a device. Consequently, in trying to use it with another device (the iPhone in this case), you may encounter some difficulties.

The Headphone Has Been Connected to Over 8 Devices

You can only connect headphones to a maximum of eight devices at a time. If paired with more than that number, it automatically cancels Connectivity when you try connecting your iPhone with the headphone. 

Your iPhone’s Bluetooth Connectivity is Not on Pairing Mode

A connection is impossible if your iPhone’s Bluetooth is not in pairing mode. You will need to set it on pairing mode before it works.

Follow the steps discussed earlier to ensure your iPhone’s Bluetooth is ready to pair with the headphones. 

The headphone has a Low Battery

If the headphone isn’t adequately charged, you might have Bluetooth connection issues. You can quickly resolve this issue by recharging the battery. 

Also, check if your headphones are switched on before attempting to pair with your iPhone. 

Troubleshooting Sony Headphone and iPhone Bluetooth Connectivity Issues 

Keep the Sony Headphone Close to the iPhone

For these two devices to connect and work, they shouldn’t be kept far apart. 

Ensure your Sony headphone and iPhone are within a range of 1 meter close to enable easy Connectivity.

Ensure the Sony Headphone isn’t Connected with Another Device

You can pair your Sony headphones to eight devices. However, it cannot be working on different devices simultaneously. 

Hence, always check to see that the headphone isn’t connected to another device when connecting with your iPhone. 

Keep your Bluetooth on Pairing Mode

When trying to connect the headphones to an iPhone, the phone’s Bluetooth has to be on. Not just on, it has to be on pairing mode to enable the connection. Check your settings while connecting to ensure that it is on pairing mode. 

Do not Distort Connectivity

Do not cancel the pairing process while connecting your Sony headphone with your iPhone. This will enable a hitch-free connection. However, If distorted, disconnect, unpair your iPhone, then repeat the pairing. 

Properly Charge your Sony Headphone

Charge your Sony headphone properly before connecting them to your iPhone. Also, ensure it is switched on before commencing the pairing process.


Now that you have learned the right way to connect the Sony headphone to your iPhone, you should try the connection again, with our guide. It should work this time. If it doesn’t, there might be a different problem you need to look into.

Also, take note of the possible causes that could give you problems while trying to connect your iPhone to the Sony Headphones. When the cause of a problem is known, it is easy to troubleshoot and solve them.

We hope this guide helps you connect your Sony headphones to your iPhone.

Jude is a music and headphone lover. He has tested and reviewed several audio listening devices and enjoys writing helpful tips and information for readers like you.