Best Headphones for PUBG

PUBG is as much a visual game as it is an audial game. In every battle game, the ability to predict your opponents’ movement will give you a better chance of winning the game. If you can pay close attention to the sound, you will be able to detect your enemy’s movement and attack before you are seen.

Because sound is crucial to winning and having an enjoyable experience with PUBG (or any game for that matter), you should use the best gaming headphones.

There are many types of headphones currently on the market, but not all are the perfect fit for you as they offer inferior sound quality compared to the good ones. Or they are just not ideal for gaming.

Playing your favorite PUBG games without the right headphone can make you have an unpleasant experience as each shot and movement of your opponent will go undetected.

See our top list of headphones to buy for PUBG gaming.

Best Headphones for PUBG

1. Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum

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The demand for gaming headphones is always on the rise, and Logitech has now thrown its hat into the ring by introducing its top-notch gaming headphone to help gamers play their favorite games without any hassles.

The Artemis headphone comes with a variety of keys that allows you to dominate your PUBG battles.

With a 7.1 Dolby surround sound combined and a 7.1 DTS, which allows for an easy switch, there is no near-perfect PUBG headphone other than the Logitech G933 Artemis Spectrum. 

This headphone is among the best headphones for PS4 and PC, Xbox, and mobile gaming.

This headphone’s exceptional sound quality system has audio mixing, which comes from different sources coupled with a 25GHz wireless connection and a battery life capable of powering your game for up to 12 hours.

2. Sennheiser Game Zero

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If you are an avid gamer looking for quality headphones capable of producing top-notch sound while playing your favorite PUBG game, then look no further.

The Sennheiser Game Zero has an exceptional mic that can allow for an incredible chatting experience with your teammates while gaming. 

It has comfortable ear cups with the latest technology delivering extreme audio clarity with a quality noise-canceling microphone that can automatically mute when raised. 

It has a built-in volume control that allows you to adjust the sound of your game audio easily. The right ear cup contains two cables that will enable multiple platform compatibility. 

When it comes to wireless connectivity, the Sennheiser headphone is second to none.

3. HyperX Cloud II

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When it comes to comfortability, this headphone is second to none.  

The HyperX Cloud II is designed to provide you with exceptional comfort as it comes with a foam ear cushion and a padded headband to keep you focused while engaging in prolonged gaming.

The detachable and noise-canceling microphone ensures that you will hear your chat with others with unmatched clarity. This ensures that you are not distracted, no matter the background noise. 

The 7.1 surround sound system lets you enjoy genuinely immersive gaming sounds, while the aluminum frame is designed to handle constant use.

The HyperX Cloud ll is lightweight with an aluminum frame, making it easy for you to move with it freely. It also has an audio sound card which you can use to enhance your audio experience.

4. Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Pro

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PUBG needs the best headphones to give users unmatched gaming sounds, and the Turtle Beach Elite Atlas Pro is one of the best over-the-ear headphones. It has the required bass to make your PUBG experience an unforgettable one.

For the best of both worlds in competitive gaming and comfort, this headphone has a smooth fabric combined with memory foam to keep you comfortable. It has passive noise isolation that can block background noise and deep bass response for sound clarity.

With squad communication becoming more crucial in gaming, the Pro Gaming Mic with TruSpeak technology has a noise-canceling microphone designed to ensure that your voice is heard loud and clear.

Gamers wearing glasses need not worry as the glasses relief system offers you a comfort-driven experience that removes pressure on your glasses while playing. 

Whether you are a PC gamer or a mobile game enthusiast, this headphone is compatible with both devices.

5. Corsair Void Pro RGB Wireless Gaming Headphone

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This stunning-looking gaming headphone is a fantastic innovation that comes with a well-designed edge ear cup and a backlight that makes it all the more beautiful, especially when used in low-light surroundings.

It has a long-range capability and easy connectivity that allows you to use even when you are not close to your gaming gadgets; this is about a 40ft wireless range.

You can customize and tweak the headphone using Corsair’s CUE feature; the unidirectional microphone has a high quality that allows you to hear correctly using its unique sound system.

It is easy to use, comfortable and lightweight. The soft inner ear cup is designed to be comfortable for the ears no matter how long you wear it.

There is no better feeling than having headphones with an above-average surround sound and a battery life lasting up to 16 hours.


PUBG requires top-of-shelf headphones to make gaming more lively and immersive, and if you’re a PUBG gamer, the headphones listed here are a must-have.

Choosing the wrong headphone can be pretty frustrating as you struggle with unclear sounds, uncomfortable ear cups, and unbalanced headbands. This is why we created this short list to guide you in choosing the right headphone for the best gaming experience.

The headphones mentioned in this post are exceptional and are all perfect for PUBG gaming. They come in various colors, sizes, and prices that are budget-friendly and affordable to all. Don’t just play PUBG; enjoy every moment with these headphones.

Jude is a music and headphone lover. He has tested and reviewed several audio listening devices and enjoys writing helpful tips and information for readers like you.