Should You Buy AirPods for Your Kids? | Everything to Know

With Christmas and other festivities around the corner, many parents hunt for the perfect present for their children, and some may consider buying them a pair of AirPods. But is that advisable? Should you buy AirPods?

On the one hand, AirPods are highly coveted, and kids will love receiving them as a gift these days. But on the other hand, they may not be the most practical purchase. Here are some factors to consider before making your decision:

  • Your kids could choke on them
  • AirPods produce over 100dB(a), louder than experts’ recommendations for kids
  • One or both AirPods could easily go missing
  • AirPods are quite expensive

Let’s take a closer look at each of these points.

Reasons to NOT Buy AirPods for Your Kids

Your Kids Could Choke on Them

One of the dangers of AirPods is that they are small, and kids could easily choke on them. There have been a few reports of children choking on AirPods.

So if you’re considering buying AirPods for your kids, you might want to wait until they are old enough to understand the dangers of putting them in their mouths.

AirPods Produce Overly Loud Sounds

Another concern with AirPods is that they can produce a loud noise, which can reach over 100 decibels (dB). That’s much louder than what experts recommend for kids.

To put that in perspective, 85 dB is the sound of a lawnmower from 3 feet away. So you can imagine how loud 100 dB from AirPods could be for kids.

This loud noise can damage your kids’ hearing over time. So if you buy them AirPods, ensure they understand the importance of not increasing the volume too high. Better still, don’t get AirPods for them if they are young.

One or Both AirPods Could Easily Go Missing

Another downside of AirPods is that they are small and can easily be misplaced. It is not uncommon for people (adults) to lose one or both of their AirPods; how much more for kids who are less likely to take good care of them?

If you give your kids AirPods, there’s a good chance that they could lose them. And since they are expensive, you won’t feel too happy about that.

But if you still buy AirPods for your kids, ensure they put them in a safe place when it’s not in use. A charging case is a good option, but you might want to get a lanyard or another type of accessory to help them keep track of their AirPods.

AirPods Are Quite Expensive

Finally, AirPods are not cheap, and they typically cost around $179 for the cheaper model and over $240 for the more expensive model. So if you’re on a budget, you might want to consider another gift for your kids.

Of course, there are cheaper alternatives to AirPods, such as Samsung Galaxy Buds 2 and Beats Studio Buds.

But if you’re hellbent on getting AirPods because you made a promise and can afford it, educate your kids about the dangers and how to use the device safely.

What Other Gifts Can You Buy Instead of AirPods?

If you decide against buying your kids AirPods, there are many other great gift ideas. Here are a few of our favorites:

Kid-friendly Headphones

There are some kid-friendly headphones to get your kids. We like the Puro BT2200 headphones because they have a volume limit of 85 dB and come in fun colors.

Amazon Fire Kids Edition Tablet

This Amazon tablet is a perfect gift for kids, and it comes with a kid-proof case and software for kids. 

The tab includes a one-year free Amazon kids+ subscription, which gives your kids access to books, movies, games, apps, and more.


LEGO sets are always a hit with kids, and there are so many different sets to choose from, so you will find one your child will love.

You may have to subtly inquire about their favorite movie or TV show to get ideas, but it will be worth it when they open up a LEGO set related to something they are passionate about.

Hot Wheels Track

This is an excellent gift for kids who love cars. They can race their Hot Wheels cars on this track. Plus, it’s easy to set up and take down, so it’s perfect for kids who are always on the go.

Nerf Gun

Nerf guns are fun to play with, and kids will love running around and shooting each other. Make sure to buy safety goggles for your kids to wear to protect their eyes. Also, buy extra Nerf darts, so they don’t run out during the game.

Final Thoughts

So, should you buy AirPods for your kids? We say no. They are expensive, easy to lose, and dangerous for kids if not used properly. Instead, consider one of the other great gift ideas on this list. Your kids will be just as happy with any of them.

Jude is a music and headphone lover. He has tested and reviewed several audio listening devices and enjoys writing helpful tips and information for readers like you.